Fun at The Players

The other evening I found myself at The Players Club (


The Players Club founded in 1888, by Edwin Booth (at the time America’s most famous Shakespearean actor) and 15 other people (among them Mark Twain and General William Tecumesh Sherman) is located at 16 Gramercy Park South, New York, NY.

The Players Club was originally founded to promote conversations between members of the dramatic profession and those individuals in the fields of literature, painting, architecture, sculpture, music, law and medicine and the many patrons of the arts.

Today, the club’s membership includes individuals from a variety of professions which gives The Club, it’s very special “spirit” making it truly a very”certain club.”


So I wasn’t really hungry when I got to The Players and I went downstairs to their famous Grill Room.  There’s a great bar there and a fun menu of food to choose from.

Blue eyedGOD

OK. Time to check out the menu.SoLOL


But since I wasn’t really hungry when I got to The Club I decided (true confessionsLOL) to just check out the dessert part of the menu.

Yes, I am that dessert girl and I’m always checking it out-usually first.SoLOL!

And lo and behold what did I see but the choice of chocolate cake with caramel.

That was it!

I was hooked and ordered a slice with a cup of coffee!


It was REALLY good! It really was!

So if you know a member of The Club then check it out and if you don’t know a member of the club then check out their Events Calendar and see if there are any open events to the public.

Have fun!




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