Celebrating Valentine’s Day at The Players Club

The evening of February 14th, 2020, I was happy to spend Valentine’s Day evening at The Players Club with some friends for a celebratory St. Valentine’s Dinner.  The iconic Players Club is located at 16 Gramercy Park South and was founded by Edwin Booth.

In December 1888, The Players Club was opened by Edwin Booth because he believed that “We do not mingle enough with minds that influence the world,” Booth said of his fellow actors, “We should measure ourselves through personal contact with outsiders … I want my club to be a place where actors are away from the glamour of the theatre.”


And so it is and here was the main dining room set up for the holiday…



Sitting among all the portrait paintings of Helen Hayes and other famous folks of the stage was really wonderful.

Here is the menu I found on the table.


So for the first course I chose the Grilled Watermelon & Cucumber Skewers with Red Onion and Feta and all I can say was that each ingredient was fresh and the combination of tastes were absolutely divine!


For the second course, I chose the Sole Stuffed with Crab Meat with French Cut Beans, French Cut String Beans and Lemon Butter Sauce. Again , all fresh and simply divine!!

And then I fell in love 🙂

For the third course, in honor of Valentine’s Day I chose The Strawberry Creme Brulee.

OMGoodness, it was just heavenly.

Just the right amount of sugar and brulee mixture.  Divine.


And as if all that wasn’t enough these were put on the table.

I chose the chocolate on the bottom on the right. OMGoodness, it had caramel inside and I have to tell you as a chocolate lover it was Ooh La La  Divine 🙂

So Happy Valentine’s Day to all my New York Point of View Readers and have an awesome 2020 full of love.  Love of Self!! and Love of Others!!!



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