Funny NYC Lock Down Smiles and Chuckles

I decided to just do a post on images that are making me smile during this Covid=19 lock down in New York City. I just wanted to share some very creative graphics which definitely put a smile on my face and led to many out-loud chuckles.

Hope that they do the same for you as well!

Wonder what the girls at the Museum are doing??

Anyone for a slice of cake ?

or maybe wine is more your thing…

or maybe you should be sending flowers to break the isolationship…..


If you do take a walk, here’s a perfect bench…


Oops.  And there’s always that Zoom call:)

So I’ll leave you with this last thought

Yes, Covid-19 will pass and who will you be after it passes?  Who will your new normal be? It’s a time for self-transformation and a time to commit to new choices.

What will your new choices be?



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