Vaucluse off Park Avenue

Vaucluse is a stylish French Brasserie which lets you journey into French cuisine in a very impeccable and elegant environment. It’s located at 100 East 63rd Street off Park.

I had the good fortune to meet some folks there for lunch and it was really extra special especially since it was prixe-fixed at $28.00 for a 3 course meal.  By New York standards it was a spectacular lunch…

When you walk in you feel that you are entering a very upscale hotel.

Here’s the Bar area:

Here’s a photograph of the inside of the dining room:

And so what did I decide to order.  Well Lol, being a Dessert First Gal I decided that I wanted to have the Tiramisu Parfait for dessert 🙂  So once I decided on that I was calorically careful on my appetizer and the main meal.

For my appetizer I had a Salade Vaucluse which had artisan lettuce, autumn squash with candied pumpkin seeds and of courseLol dressing on the side 🙂

It was wonderful, fresh and delightfully interesting with its combination of textures and tastes.

Then for the main dish I decided to have Grilled Chicken Paillard which had with it romaine, pickled shallots and piquillo peppers. It was wonderful, fresh and all tastes were perfectly blended. I will admit that when they brought out the dish I thought, “Hmmm, where is the chicken??”  But there was so much chicken that I wound up taking 2/3rd of the chicken and salad home.

And for the dessert I had the Tiramisu Parfait which was like eating a fantasy Fairyland.  Light, fluffy and flavors to delicate perfection.


So if you’re in the area of East 63rd Street between Lexington and Park, then definitely consider lunch at Vaucluse. You’ll be happy that you did!!

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