SR Socially Relevant Film Festival 2020

I’m excited to share that SR Socially Relevant Film Festival NY is in it’s 7th year and will be showing their films from March 16th to March 22nd, 2020. The mission of SRFF is the promotion of films and filmmakers that deal with socially relevant film content and after having the privilege of seeing the trailers from many of the films I can tell you that they are all both outstanding as well as informative.

The festival which is scheduled to run March 16th to March 22nd will be held at The Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Centre, Hunter College, Lebanese American University, The Baha;l Centre, Cinema Village and other neighboring Movie Houses.

Now in addition to the Festival showing 5 Narrative Films, 10 Documentaries, there will also be over twenty five shorts that complete an assemblance of 50 film offerings. There will be films which highlight social issues such as climate change, suicide, obesity coupled with bullying and the internet, sex trafficking,  land disputes and health issues such as midwifery in the rural areas of Mexico.

Some of the spokespersons and guests of SR Socially Relevant Film Festival has included Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, Erin Brockovich, Martin Sheen, and Tony Prize and Tony award-winning writer Robert Schenkkan.

So check out the full line up for the Festival by clicking HERE.

Do not Miss this extraordinary Film Festival.

As a citizen of the world you will be both well educated and moved.

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