Eight Self-Love Weight Loss Tips


Making the choice to lose weight involves more than changing the way you eat.  Losing weight also needs some tender, loving care from you to you, outside of your new food choices.  So let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do to help yourself support your own weight loss.

The first question that you should ask yourself each day is, “Am I going to be kind to myself today?’

When you begin a weight loss program it’s important to be realistic about how much weight you can comfortably lose each week.  Sometimes, pushing too hard for weight loss on any given day is unrealistic, stressful and self-defeating.

So be kind to yourself.  It will pay off.

The next way to support yourself in reaching your weight loss goal is when eating to “only” eat.

That means that when you’re eating don’t watch T.V., read the newspaper or watch a home movie.  As soon as you don’t concentrate on what you’re eating chances are that you will have a harder time stopping yourself and therefore will probably have “too” many calories.

The third way to support yourself while you lose weight is to accept that there is NO magic way to lose weight.  That it’s a process and the more patience you find in yourself, the easier it will be.

The fourth way to support your reaching your weight loss goal is to have a daily routine.

I really believe that it’s important to have a daily routine.  Keeping a daily routine gives you an idea of what you can or cannot realistically do any given day while always remaining flexible.  It will also let you find the times in your day when eating is the most comfortable for you and so you can stop yourself more easily than not.

The fifth way to support your weight loss goal is that when you feel that you might want to overeat to otherwise listen to music instead.  Listening to music, can often calm you down and let your ears do the “chewing.”

The sixth way to support your weight loss goal is to do to some form of physical activity when you otherwise feel like eating instead.  Even if you don’t like to go to the gym or interact with a tape then just take a walk.  Just leave the house and take a walk.  You will feel so much better once you have done that.

The seventh way to be kind to yourself and support your weight loss is to walk away from the extra food you want and take either a shower or a bath, depending on which you prefer.

Your main goal is to distract yourself from overeating by choosing another activity and how fun could a shower or for that matter even a bubble bath be.

So give it some thought.

And last but not least the eighth way that you can be kind to yourself when you feel that you might otherwise want to “overeat” is to call a friend.  Calling a friend will take your mind off the food and save you some calories in the process.

So whichever of these Self-Love Weight Loss Tips that you might use, have fun and enjoy the journey.




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