Eight Easy Weight Loss Tips


So you’re on a weight loss plan and there are times that you just want to scream.  Well, here’s the good news.  I’m going to share 8 easy weight loss tips with you that can help make your weight loss journey an easier one.  So pick the ones that work for you.

Tip #1 is for the mom who’s always preparing meals for her family.

If you’re a mom who’s always preparing meals for her family then instead of potentially eating the meal before it’s served, set aside a favorite low calorie snack (which you keep close at hand) and snack on that instead.  This will help you wait more comfortably and let you share in the dinner experience that you’ve prepared for your family.

Tip #2 will help support you your weight loss journey when you go food shopping.

When you go food shopping why not pack a low caloric snack like an apple or a package of sucking candy to help you stay focused on what you stopped into buy and to stick to that old adage of less is more.

Tip #3 is about weight loss proofing your car.

If you bring food into your car then always try to put it in the same place.  This will bring

boredom and predictability to your car “eating” experience and will support you in stopping sooner than later.

Tip #4 is about the kinds of food that you buy and bring into your home.

I believe that a good way to support your weight loss goal is to always bring the same brands of food into your home.  So for example: If you like rye bread then always buy the same brand of it.   Always buying the “same” brand of any product will help make your eating experience more predictably boring and therefore will support you in being able to stop yourself sooner than later.

And now we come to Tip #5.  Tip #5 talks about where you should keep the foods that you bring into your home.

If you bring any new and exciting foods into your home (and you know what they are) then try to always put them in the same place.  Always putting the same types of food in the same place will make them boring and that will also help support you in wanting less.

Tip #6 talks about where you put your dishes after you eat.

To support your weight loss goal you might want to think about what to do with your dishes after you eat.   Will you want to leave them on your table?  Will you immediately bring them to your sink?  Will you then leave them in your sink?  Having an idea of what you will do with your dishes and your utensils after you eat will give you something immediate to do after you’ve eaten and that can help you get out of your seat sooner than later having possibly eaten less.

Tip #7 will support your weight loss goal when you go to a restaurant.

When you find yourself in a restaurant and the waiter puts a bread basket on the table then take what you want,  and then ask the waiter to take the rest away.  Don’t be shy.  Speak up.  Remember, that you have the choice to decide what stays on your table or what doesn’t.   Use your choice wisely.

And the last tip, Tip #8 will provide you the visual motivation to reach your desired weight loss goal.

Tip #8 recommends that you take a “Before” Photo and hang it on your refrigerator.  Leave a space on the right of it for your “After” Photo and let your “Before” Photo motivate you to reach your program weight loss goal.

So which tips do you think will work for you?  Try as many as you’d like, you never know.

Can you add to these 8 Easy Weight Loss Tips? If you can then just let me know!




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