Five Fun Weight Loss Tips


Ok.  Losing weight is not easy but then most things of value take time and are not easy…

Keeping that in mind, here are 5 fun ways to take your weight loss journey.

Pick the ones that you like and remember that: Inch by inch, anything’s a cinch and yard by yard, life is hard.

Fun Weight Loss Tip #1

Find yourself a weight loss buddy.  Find a friend who would also like to lose weight and share the experience with them.  Isn’t it more fun to share than not and doesn’t it make the journey easier.  Just some food for thought…

Fun Weight Loss Tip #2

You know, that most people who want to lose weight say that when they reach their weight loss goal, then and only then will they buy some new clothes.  Well, I don’t agree with that thinking.  I think that if you’re starting a weight loss program and your clothes don’t look nice on you now, that you should go out and buy at least one new outfit that fits you well and that HONORS you and your body at this point in your journey.  Why not feel good about yourself today?  Why wait until you reach your goal to buy new clothes.  Look good today!!!!!

Fun Weight Loss Tip #3

If you feel like reaching for food which you know isn’t going to support your weight loss journey then why not listen to some music instead.  Just pick out your favorite CD or radio station and let your ears lose themselves to the music and not your mouth to the “chew”.

Fun Weight Loss Tip #4

Find a fun way to come aware of your breathing.  Notice when you are comfortably breathing and when your breathing changes such as when you’re smelling those chocolate chip cookies!  Find a tape of a DVD and develop new ways to manage your breathing so that you can learn to take delight in that and use it to potentially walk away from any extra “chewing”.

Fun Weight Loss Tip #5

I know, I know you don’t want to exercise and believe me when I tell you that I well understand your feelings on the subject.  But, as someone who does go to the gym now and uses tapes in the house I can only say this:  “There are so many fun physical activities to choose from today that even taking a walk is a delicious idea.”  You’ll feel so much better once you’ve done something “physical” and believe it or not it could turn into a fun activity with the right mind set.

So as you can see weight loss doesn’t have to be such a drudge.  If you commit to the mind set of finding fun ways to manage your lifestyle that will support your journey anything is possible.


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