Three Ways that Your Dishes Can Make You Thin


If I told you that the color and size of your dishes, your napkins, your knives, your forks and your spoons could help make you thin you’d probably be thinking, “But, Sora how is that possible?”   So here’s how the color and size of your dishes, your napkins and your utensils can help you both lose your weight as well as maintain a previous weight loss.

So let’s start with the dishes that you use.

When you’re eating at home it would help if you always ate from the same dish or dishes.   Always eating from the same size and color dish will in time become a predictably boring part of your “eating” experience.  As a result of this part of your meal becoming a predictably boring experience you’ll be able to get out of your chair and stop eating sooner than later.

Now the same rule applies to the color and kind of napkins that you use and the color and kind of utensils that you use.

Using the same color and kind of napkin and the same color and kind of utensils (those including your fork, your knife and your spoon) will also help you create a predictably boring “eating “ experience.

Now when I talk about creating a predictably boring “eating” experience, I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t eat the foods that you like or the foods that excite you but for the sake of this article, I’m assuming that it’s not always easy for you to eat those foods and be able to stop yourself.

So by using the same dish(es), the same color and kind of of napkin and the same color and type of knife,  fork and spoon you’re additionally supporting a boring eating experience which again can only heighten your decision to stop eating sooner than later.

Oh, and as long as I’m suggesting that you want to keep things the same as possible to support a predictably “boring” eating experience you can also apply the same principle to the glass and or mug that you use to drink from.  Again, the more ways that you keep your eating predictably boring the easier it will become for you to stop eating or drinking, when you decide to and not when the food that you’re eating or drinking decides.

So bore yourself thin to win!

It works.

Are there any changes that you could make with the dishes that you eat on, the napkins that you use or your knives, forks and spoons that could help support your present weight challenge?


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