Upper West Side’s Slovenian-American Restaurant

Having taken a trip a few years ago to Croatia and Slovenia when I saw that there was a Slovenian-American restaurant on the Upper West Side, I will admit that I was curious. So the other evening I met a friend at Pekarna which is located at 594 Amersterdam Avenue and 89th Street.

Pekarna is Manhattan’s first Slovenian-American restaurant. The restaurant originally expanded their New American menu to include Slovenian cuisine and the restaurant is also the largest restaurant and events venue on the Upper West Side.

So why the name “Pekarna”?

The name “Pekarna” translates to bakery in Slovenian and as I learned it’s the perfect Slovenian name for this restaurant since the restaurant space was once the home of a bakery. 🙂

So here is the outside of Pekarna.

Here is the bar and inside area.

So what did I order?

Well, I’ve always felt that when in Rome do as the Romans do so here I was in a Slovenian-American restaurant and so I decided to order the Pekarna Salad.

Well, it was fresh and fabulous. I added a topping of grilled chicken to sauteed cauliflower, sesame seeds, golden raisins, calabrian chiles, scallions, croutons and almond sauce,

I totally loved this salad. The food was super fresh and the tastes were really great!!!

But just as I was ready to leave the restaurant I noticed that they were hosting an event called Alice in Wonderland-An Immersive Cocktail Experience.

I decided to go and here are some photos of the event. It was so funny. And and just as a point of information, you could order Mocktails-Yeah!

and that’s what I did!!

So I totally recommend Pekarna and make sure to check out what events they are hosting as well. The food was great and the events look fun.


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