Upper West Side’s Cesca’s Restaurant

Sunday for Brunch, I met a few friends at Cesca Retaurant which is located at 164 West 75th Street.


When I walked in I felt this tremendous sense of “space” and also that I was really in Rome or Sicily at an authentic Italian Restaurant.



And so what did I decide to order?

I wanted to have Dessert 🙂 so I went light on the protein and ordered Eggs Your Way.  It had 2 eggs, choice of bacon or sausage (chose the bacon 🙂 ), insalata and toast.  It also came with potatoes.  Hmmm, good…..

Then, da da, for dessert I chose to have a Florentine Tortini Basket, an almond laced basket filled with tortini ice-cream in a pool of chocolate.  Oh yes.  It was great. Especially the taste and texture of the almond laced basket!!


So I definitely recommend Cesca.  A really delightful ambiance and the food was really good!!

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