St. Patrick’s Day in the Catskills

It was time to head out of Dodge 🙂 and so I signed up for a one day bus trip to Nellies, an Irish Cafe country experience for an early St. Patrick’s day celebration.

Nellie’s is located at 2212 Route 145 in East Durham, New York. and the drive takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes from the city.

Well here was the shocker. There was a light rain when we left the city but here is what we found upstate.

It was sooo cold but it was sooo pretty as well.

This is the porch of the Irish Country Cafe and Pub.

And here is the inside of the pub and restaurant.

So what was on the menu?

Well, we had a 3 course Irish Meal.

But first came coffee with a scone.

Then soda bread was put on the table.

Then came yum-the Leek Soup.

For the main dish, I choose the salmon.

The salmon was excellent and the food was down home and plain tasting with very little condiments added.

And last but not least there was dessert and the dessert was Apple Pie a la Mode. Again, down home and plain.

And let’s not forget those great Irish sweaters in their gift shop.

And the wonderful Irish folk songs by Sean Feeney.

So if you want to escape the city and have a car then I really enjoyed going to East Dunham, New York. It totally relaxed me and at the end of the day I was ready to return to the city. I am definitely both a Country Mouse 🙂 and a City Mouse 🙂 and hope to return to East Dunham for another look around in the not so far distant future.

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