Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bar Restaurant

So the other evening a friend of mine met me at The Polo Bar which is owned by Ralph Lauren. It’s located at 1 West 55th Street and you need to make a month’s reservation in advance to even get it in.

Here’s a glimpse of the dining room area and every piece of art has a horse in it!

Here’s for privacy…

The Menu-

So what did I order?  I wasn’t so so hungry so I ordered TUNA TARTARE* which had in it Avocado, Mustard Greens & Crispy Shallots with Soy Ginger Dressing. It was very fresh and very tasty especially the raw tuna. Then with that I ordered my all time favorite vegetable(beside cauliflower-done right) and that would be brussel sprouts and in this case they were Roasted Baby Brussel Sprouts and they were Divine!!!


Then-yup- I definitely wanted dessertSoLol so I order a cup of coffee with Sticky Toffee Pudding with rum, walnut brittle and ginger ice-cream. So yum…


Here’s some more horse art–

So if you want a lovely evening out, click HERE to learn some more…and have Fun!

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