MarieBelle Chocolatiers Fundraise for See Spot Rescued


Happy holidays to all my New York Point of View readers!!!

The other evening David Christopher Savatore, the Managing Director  of Red Jacket Residential invited me to an event that he was helping sponsor.  David is a passionate advocate and supporter of the non-profit See Spot Rescued..

See Spot Rescued is a non-profit 501(c)3 dog rescue organization based in Jersey City, NJ. They are all about rescuing dogs regardless of their breed, their sizes or their age. All received donations help fund medical care, vaccinations and transport & care.

Now MarieBelle which is located at 484 Broome Street in Soho believes as shared by Mariebel Lieberman, Chocolatier that:

“Life is all about the pleasure and happiness we find in food, art and beauty”

Well after walking into MarieBelle who would disagree???

OK. I’m just in love with this place. Check out their outside window displays before we get to the chocolateLol!

Ok. Ok. Now for the chocolates…

And let’s not forget their Cacoa Bar and Tea Salon in the back of the store!!


So true confessions. I did try all the tastings out for the event but Solol because below is the package that I made myself for my next morning’s breakfast!!

I’ve always admitted to being a dessert first gal   🙂 🙂 🙂

So if you’re in the area definitely step into MarieBelle for an over the top intoxicating experience that will feed…all of your senses for this 2017-2018  Holiday/New Year Season!!!

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