A Visit to the Edison and Ford Winter Estates

While visiting my family in Miami I decided to extend my visit to my girlfriend and her husband who live in Cape Coral. I was always intrigued with the idea of visiting the Edison and Ford Winter Estate in Fort Myers which is so close to Cape Coral and so I hit the road.

I’m so glad I did because it was really interesting and fun to visit.

So not being a scientistLol, I’m just going to let this blog post take you on a photo journey of the Estates and let your imagination fill in the rest.

Let’s start with a general backdrop of the Estates.

Visitors to the Edison and Ford Winter Estates will enjoy more than 20 acres of historical buildings and gardens including the 1928 Edison Botanical Research Laboratory.

Open to the public since 1947, Edison Ford is a National Register Historic Site and is one of the most visited historic home sites in America.

And so here is the entrance to the Estates.

Entrance to Edison and Ford Estates

Here is the outside of Edison’s Home.

Edison’s Home

Here is the huge porch that surrounds Edison’s estate. It will introduce you to airy and light kind of magical feeling that surrounds his home.

Porch of Edison’s Home

The rooms are protected by a door which labels in big white letters which room of the house that you’re viewing. Here is a room view of their library. Again, there’s that airy, floating feeling.

A View of Edison’s Library

Edison also had a guest house. An obviously prominent man of his time, many famous people came to visit.

Then on the same property was Ford’s house.

Ford’s Home

Ford’s house was a bit more masculine on the inside, a bit more stuffy. That is not as light and airy as Edison’s house was.

Ford’s Living Room

Then we visited Edison’s Laboratory and then the Estate Museum.

For me personally, a visit to Edison’s Laboratory was just thrilling. I could see his assistants working and thinking and plotting and planning and I just felt a real sense of history. It was a very exciting moment for me.

Below you’ll see his laboratory.

The administrative part of Edison’s Laboratory.

Edison’s Working Laboratory

Then it was off to the museum where we learned more about Edison and Ford and their inventions.

Here are three cars that were displayed which were amazing to observe. From left to right you have the 1937 Ford Fire Window Coupe, The 1014 Ford Model T and the Cadillac Connection.

So being a lover of quotes I want to end this post with one by Edison that kinda says it all:

And that’s what it takes!

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