Cotenna in The West Village

On Christmas Day, I met some friends at Cotenna, at 21 Bedford Street before going to IFC Center to see the movie Corsage.

I had no expectations because I haven’t gone to many restaurants in that area and they’re not that easy to find. So I took the Downtown 1 Train to Houston Street and then with my phone in hand in 9 degree weather I found the place on a small side street.

Yes, it was hidden away on a short block and totally inconspicuous!

Here is the outdoor dining area (obviously closed nowLol) and the bar and dining area…

As it happens Cotenna is known to make some of the best Italian dishes in town and is renowned for its burrata and pasta. They also have a long list of wines as well as a variety of cocktails to choose from. Yes, some of their wines are expensive but their food choices are so affordable that I was very pleasantly surprised. Yes, the decor is simple but also adds to the elegance of the restaurant which yes, is set up in this small scale.

So what did I decide to order?

I decided to order Bietol e Caprino which are Roasted Red Beets with Herbed Goat Cheese with a side of Patate Arrosto which are Roasted Roemary Potatoes.

Both dishes were fabulous! The ingredients in the Beet Salad were all fresh and the roasted potatoes were just right!

I totally recommend Cotenna if you’re in the West Village. The food is great! The ambiance is very relaxing and the prices are definitely right!

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