A Walk with the Penguins

On Day 4 of my cruise to Antarctica I had purchased a shore excursion in Puerto Madryn, Argentina. The tour was named Pnta Ninfas and Penguins at El Pedral Lodge.

So first some information about Puerto Madryn.

Puerto Madryn is known as one of the most vibrant cities in Patagonia with a beautiful coastal avenue overlooking the huge natural amphitheater of Golfo Nuevo. Puerto Madryn is protected by the Golfo Nuevo, which is formed by Peninsula Valdes and Punto Ninas, and is one of the most sheltered places on the Patagonia coast. With 5 kilometers of beaches bordering the city, Puerto Madryn is the gateway to many other attractions in Argentina. Interestingly enough it was founded on July 28th, 1865 upon the arrival of 150 Welsch immigrants aboard the “Mimosa” that called this natural harbour Puerto Madryn after Loves Jones Parry, who was the Baron of Madryn in the country of Wales.

What made this tour so much fun and so memorable is that we visited the Estacion Pinguinos de Magallanes. The Magellanic penguin ( Spheniscus magellanicus) is a South American penguin which is breed in coastal Patagonia, including Argentina, Chile, and the Falkland Islands, with some migrating to Brazil and Uruguay. They are occasionally seen as far north as Espirito Santo. It is the most numerous of the Spheniscus penguins.

So here are the photos and 2 videos so you can join along in the fun!

And here are two short videos so you can get up close and personal with these so very adorable “flightless” birds.

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