Sunday Brunch at The National Arts Club

Last Sunday, I had the good fortune to enjoy Sunday Brunch at The National Arts Club.


The National Arts Club is located at 15 Gramercy Park South and is right across the street from the small fenced in very manicured Gramercy Park.

The National Arts Club which was founded in 1998 by author and poet Charles De Kay today serves as both a members-only and public events club which showcases and honors outstanding contributors in the fields of art, theater and music.  In addition, the club holds special lectures in addition to special readings.  The club also focuses on programs which feature the visual arts, literature, film architecture, fashion as well as photography.

So now yum!

Let’s talk about brunch!

Being a dessert girl myself, first I checked out the dessert possibilities.


Well, what’s a girl to do?

So first I decided to put the carrot cake on my plate and with that choose a raspberry preserve topped pie.


Then after I brought that to my table, I thought, “OK, Sora now you need to think about food!SoLOL

So I went back to look at my food choices and to counter the calories of my potential dessert choice I decided on some amazing salad, chicken in mushroom sauce topped with more mushrooms and a small dinner roll.

Other choices available might have been an omelette at a specially designed omelette station, some meat at a specially designed meat station, or salmon, scrambled eggs, rice or french toast.  The choices were wide ranged and there was something for everyone.


Then after thoroughly enjoying my main dish, I tasted the raspberry preserve topped pie and wasn’t that keen on it and so it was on to the carrot cake and it did not disappoint!

So if you have a friend whose a member of the club I totally recommend Sunday Brunch and you should also check out their art exhibits as they are generally open to the public.


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