A Pop Up Shop-A Cool Alternative!


Conscious Magazine (www.consciousmagazine.co) had a two day Pop Up Shop event called The Conscious Shop.  It was an exclusive offline boutique shop which featured a collection of Conscious Magazine’s favorite socially conscious brands.  Those brands included Article 22, Elepahnt Branded, Enrou, Etkie, Far and Wide Collective and many, many more.  The event took place at The Lower East Side, 37 East 1st Street, New York, NY.

Now Conscious Magazine (www.consciousmagazine.co) which partnered with Made in The Lower East Side (www.madeinles.org) to create this New York Conscious Pop Up Shop is both a digital and print magazine (depending on your preference)!

This wonderful magazine tells real stories about real people who are part of a specific culture or community and make a difference.


Now some more about Made in The Lower East Side (www.madeinles.org)!

Made in The Lower East Side was founded by Eric Ho.  One day Eric Ho found himself walking around The Lower East Side and noticed all these empty storefronts which totaled at the time to 212.  Eric knew that the use of these storefronts as Pop Up Shops-in other words as “short term rentals” would help The Lower East Side to see what they would like to see happen (in these empty storefronts) and the team got a whole different collection of answers and ideas!

So was born The Pop Up Shop which can be best defined as the short term rental of store fronts for all kinds of shops, events, classes and more.

Everyone in Eric’s vision wins.  The landlord wins, the individual entrepreneur wins and the community wins.  There is no down side!

As Eric says, “It’s the best bridge between a community and for those who need a temporary space.  It creates a neighborhood bottom up, one store at a time!”

So if you’d like to learn more about Conscious Magazine, then click HERE and if you’re interested in some Lower East Side temporary storefront space for a Pop Up Shop then click HERE!






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