Paul Stewart-The Legacy Brand

Think Cary Grant, Fred Astaire and Frank Sinatra!  The other evening I was treated to the styles of these men which are designed by Paul Stuart and their Phineas Cole line as well.

For over 75 years Paul Stuart has been out-fitting many leading men from the diverse fields of politics to big business, from Hollywood royalty to the some very cool Jazz greats…

So below are some of the samples from their famous men’s collections.







During the evening’s event, it was the Design Director of Paul Stuart, Ralph Auriemma who explained his design philosophy of this legacy brand, as well as the development of the Phineas Cole (designed for the younger guy in mind).  He explained that Paul Stuart since opening its doors in 1938 has cut its clothes from fine but sturdy cloth and has been the leader in defining updated classic American style.  Mr. Auriemma also explained that was has kept  the company consistently modern and timely, without ever stooping trendiness is the simple core belief: That owning personal style is vastly different from adopting “a look.”

So the next time you want an exciting men’s shopping experience check out Paul Stewart at 10 East 45th Street, New York!

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