Canadian Icewine Festival Rocks!

The other weekend I found myself up at Niagara-on-the-Lake and attending The Niagara Icewine Festival. The weekend was put together by Circle the World and it was really great!

We went to various tastings on Saturday and Sunday and packed in a trip to Niagara Falls during the day as well as in the evening. Now I’m not going to say that it wasn’t freezing.  Yes, indeed it wasLOL but with all the tastings and their food pairings it was a very memorable experience.

So here is a sampling of some of the Wineries and Vineyards we visited.

On Saturday we started out at the Small Talk Vineyards.


Here we tasted the house specialty of a cool glass of Apple Pie. It’s their Riesling Icewine which is blended with their hard apple cider. It was paired with a gluten-free cinnamon and spice twist.

Then we went to PondView Estate Winery where we tasted their Vidal Icewine with a Blue Cheese Bread Pudding and a Chocolate-dipped Strawberry Cup. OK. Need I say more.SoLOL

Then we went to Ravine Vineyard where we tasted a 2013 Ravine Vidal Icewine which was paired with a Homemade Spicy Chicken Matball in a Mole sauce with Rossco Corn Bread.  OK. I was sold and bought a bottle because let me tell you their icewine was completely amazing and couldn’t got home without purchasing one.

Then there was the visit to Inniskillin Wines.  You can check out the weather Brrr… below


Here we tasted their Riesling Butter Wine and it was paired with their own southern favorite: Chicken and Waffles, spread with their own Riesling Icewine Butter.  Need I say more!!!

Then the last two tastings, I mean really rocked!!!

First there was the visit to Rief Estate Winery.

Here we tasted their signature Vidal Icewine paired with Spit Roasted Porketta with apple icewine sauce. See below!!!!!!!


And last but definitely NOT least- we visited The Peller Estates Winery.  Here we tasted their award winning and world-renowned Cabernet Franc Icewine and it was  paired with CityLine personality Jason Parsons’ famous Icewine marshmallow which we roasted over an open wood fire.

An outstanding experience and the tastes were soooooo amazing.

Below is a photo of these unbelievably ice-wine infused marshmallows–



So the next time you feel like having an Icewine-totally check out these AMAZING Canadian labels and you will not be sorry!!!


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