Fashion and the Digital World


The other evening I attended a very informative event which highlighted Fashion in the Digital Age.

It was Diane von Furstenberg who said, “Ignoring the internet and social media is madness.”

So keeping in line with that thought, there were 5 guests on the panel who engaged in an inspiring conversation on how the rise of Periscope, Vine, Instagram, blogs, Twitter and connecting through Social Media in general have impacted the world of fashion and the way that fashion is now both seen and sold.

The speakers on the panel included Instagram superstar and fashion blogger for With, Kat Tanita, fashion and beauty blogger from, Katya Bychkova, vice president and chief operating officer for the online boutique OtteNYC, Nancy Zhang, fashion law expert and attorney for Robert Allen, Kateriana Duarte and fashion designer and Periscope star Alissa Chapman.

What I learned from this interesting conversation is that Instagram has replaced the store window display, next season’s trends are this season’s conversation that that now designers have a direct connection with their audience.   That what was once captured by a chosen few and then presented through traditional media is now tweeted, instagrammed, blogged and Periscoped by a new brand of expert writers, stylists and designers.

So don’t worry if you haven’t bought the latest issue of Vogue or Lucky— just head over to Instagram and it’s pretty much all there!

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