Chashama Supports the Artist’s Space

There’s nothing like a fun evening out on the town and Chashama certainly did a great job at their 20th anniversary gala.

Chashama is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization that supports artists in creating literacy of the heart by turning unutilized real estate into free and subsidized work and presentation space.  The organization’s primary goal is to help artists living in New York City by giving them space to both create their work to exhibit their work.

But rather than tell you more about Chashama let me show you how Chashama supports this great city’s artists by presenting some of the artists at this gala who represented their art in their very “own” sacred artist’s space.

So here are two folks that greeted everyone when you arrived at the event!



And here is Kenneth E. Parris III showcasing his artistic talent.




Here is Sydell Glasser showing us her talent…



Here’s something that put a smile on my face and had me thinking, “Wow, this is certainly original art!”

This was the sign on the door of the artist’s space before you walked in…


And here is someone telling jokes to the dolls…


OK. The next room in this long hallway showcasing rooms where artist’s were creating their art was a room where you could actually become a cat.

Check out the sign below on the next door that I passed that gives the instructions on how to be a cat with the photo following that showing you some “new” cats!




And as I got ready to leave the event these two “characters” where there to say good-night!!



Well, I hope you enjoyed these artists and their creative talents and if you’re an artist check out Chashama and find a space to create your “own” sacred magic as well!!!

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