Global Dandiness Abounds!

The other evening I went to a book signing for the book We are Dandy: The Local Gentleman Around the World.

Photographers Rose Callahan and writer National Adams wrote this book as a dedication to an international survey of the very large global dandy community as found on most continents.

I learned that around the world, dandies embrace style while respecting their own local cultural traditions.  From America to Africa to Asia, dandyism is a way of life.  It is fashion in the best sense while embracing self-esteem through style.  And as shown by a fascinating video presented by the authors dandies whether in Japan or Johannesburg, South Africa draw on on their local context and fashion culture to shape their dandy looks.

We are Dandy, the book both opens and explores the Dandy culture as a global phenomenon and it was fascinating!

And the evening ended to some great music to help maintain that Dandy mood!


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