Yes!!! Eat What You Want Day is May 11th!

OK. Please excuse this shameless self-promotion but besides being a blogger I’m also a No Diet,Weight-Loss Coach at

Having shared that I’m ecstatic that May 11th is Eat What You Want Day because it promotes all that I believe in as a No Diet, Weight-Loss Coach.  I believe that all food is equal and that the only reason that some folks label their foods “good” food or “bad” food(except of course if they have a medical condition where restriction is part of the problem’s management) is that “good” food is what one believes that they can eat and stop themselves when they decide and that “bad” food is food that one feels that they can’t stop eating when they decide but rather when the food decides.

Now everyone who struggles with a weight challenge has that challenge including myself.  There are simply foods for each of us that are easier to be around and then there are food that are not easy to be around.

But the great news is that the no-diet, weight-loss program that I developed over 20 years ago teaches you two simple eat and stop yourself techniques that-yes-let you eat Any food that you want and know that you will have the choice to eat and stop yourself.

Having taught this no-diet, eat and stop yourself weight-loss program to hundreds of unhappy dieters I can tell that dieting should no longer be a choice since it’s only about deprivation, the constant fear of “diet” bingeing or “diet” overeating as well as food being your enemy!

So if you’re an unhappy dieter who’s ready to make peace with food and learn to eat and stop yourself then click HERE to learn more!

In Make Peace with Food!  Sora—


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