#Womanity Presented by Dee Rivera and DCG Group Media

Tonight I attended #Womanity-Celebrating Women’s History Month which was presented by DCG Group Media and was sponsored by SiriusXM and New York Life Insurance.  The event was held at SiriusXM which is located at 1221 6th Avenue on the 34th floor.

After being escorted up to the Studio I met Dee Rivera who is the face and founder of DCG Group Media.

Then I saw an easel with a poster exhibiting tonight’s media event, Womanity hosted by Karen Hunter from Urban View at SiriusXM.

Now the way the event was structured was that before the actual #Womanity taped Interview  we had an opportunity to network and I got to taste very yummy cupcakes from Patricia at www.honorthysweets.com.

And then there was Deanna J. Smith of Poppin Patties.

I tried all three of her patties and they were super awewsome!!

Now after the networking part of the event we were escorted into the SIRIUSXM taping studio and that’s when things got very interesting.

The host of the taping was Karen Hunter and on the #Womanity panel right to left- was Dee Rivera, founder and CEO of DCG Group Media, Vivian Gerardo, actress and model, Tin Travis, producer and Jane Carter of www.janecartersolution.com.

And here’s a photo of Karen Miller as the show’s host.

So now the taping was done in 2 segments and after the 2nd segment there was a Q & A.

So now let me share with you this very interesting conversation among equally interesting individuals who come from completely different backgrounds and who individually shared their perspective on #Womanity and the #MeToo Movement.

So the conversation began by discussing the #MeToo Movement.  To me personally the most important point made was that this movement was not only about celebrities or only about women but as Tin so well pointed out, “about men as well.”  That it was about everyday people, which I believe is sooooo important to keep in mind  given that we live in this sooo Celebrity driven culture.

Another important point made was that until we collectively take a stand to keep this movement moving forward that nothing will change. That ultimately as Vivian pointed out- “We need to feel safe, loved and empowered” and that that road needs to be paved with raised consciousnesses by both men and woman and with discussions that point us in that direction.

Now it was at that point that the first part of the taping ended and we got to stretch our legs and return to the second part of the taping.

So it was at that point, that Karen, our host asked Dee whose business is in “building the brand.”, “Dee, if you were going to create a brand for the #MeToo Movement how would you architect that?”

I thought that Dee’s responses were spot on.

Dee said that she would use #MeToo Brand Ambassadors in high schools and colleges.  That she’d wanted discussions going on with young women as to how to take ownership of their lives as well as their bodies.  That she wanted these young women to learn about self-esteem as well self-respect.  I really loved Dee’s next idea which was to have #MeToo Parties or have a #MeToo Book or Book Series. In having these types of #MeToo books these young women could have daily self-awareness mantras as to how to have the best day possible when dealing with any potential #MeToo Challenges.

In addition, the idea of setting up a curriculum at every grade level was mentioned as another possibility.  That kids needed to speak about these things and as Tin pointed out, so did guys as well.

So I completely enjoyed listening to the ideas and perspectives of each person on this panel and I thought that Karen Miller did a great job as host of the event.

As for me personally, I’m feeling hopeful.

With conversations such as Dee presented this evening through DCG Group Media and hosted by SiriusXM  there is the hope of change in the air and I am hopeful.




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