SiriusXM and DCG Media Group on Women in the Workplace

On the evening of March 30th, 2019 I covered SiriusXM and DCG Media Group Inc radio broadcasted conversation on Womanity: Leveling the Playing Field.  This was in honor of Women’s History Month and to all those working women whether self-employed or not who need to navigate their own life successfully coupled with their daily work day.

The host of the radio show was Laura Coates and the event was held at SiriusXM studios which is located at 1221 Broadway.

The panelists as shown below included Vera Moore, CEO of Vera Cosmetics and Cesar Galindo, Fashion Designer.

And here is Vera and Cesar joined by Dee Rivera, CEO of DGC Media Group Inc, to the left of Laura Coates and Jane Carter, to the far left who is founder of Jane Carter Solutions.

I personally found the questions asked by Laura very interesting and learned a lot about what it takes—to succeed in business especially as a solo entrepreneur.

So the first question that Laura Coates asked the 4 panelists was “Who were you before you each got to where you are today?”  The answers varied but through each panelists personal story you could see how their early roots influenced their work choices whether they knew it at that time or not.

The second question that Laura Coates asked was how did their journey wind up with name recognition as the brand that they represent today?

Again, the answers varied but it all boiled down to: belief in themselves, a passion to see change, hard work, due diligence and a belief in God.

The last question posed by Laura Coates, the moderator was “When someone did something to undermine you at work, what did you do?”

I simply loved these folk’s answers because each answer only served to validate my own beliefs on the subject.

So for Jane Carter, it was because she had trained herself through her life to be resilient.   For Cesar Galindo it was by training himself not to feed “the dragon” with negative energy and by surrounding himself with people who cared about him.  For Vera Moore, it was her early acting career both on the stage and television that gave her the strength and the stamina to stay the path in addition to her belief in God and her devoted husband and for Dee Rivera it was the decision to  “Never Shrink to Fit.”  That is “know who you are and never to let other folks define you!”

Then a few folks asked some questions and all in all it was a fascinating broadcast!!



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