Blank! The Musical

This past Saturday I went to see Blank!  The Musical.


I had no idea what to expect except that I knew that my phone needed to be on at the beginning of the performance (90 minutes-no intermission) and that using the show’s app was part of the process.

So I got to the Broadway Comedy Club

which is located at 319 West 53rd Street and got myself checked in.

Then at 1:30 we were let into to a room that was set up like a cabaret or comedy club and the waitress was taking orders

and to the left was the place for the pianist, the drummer and the saxophone.

So here’s how this play Blank! The Musical went.

l. First we had to visit and log in.

2. Then the cast introduced themselves and told us that the audience was solely responsible for creating this musical.

3. That we were responsible for the name of the musical, the musical theme, the songs, the book that it came from, and the dance steps.

4.  Wow—That’s really cool-I thought…

5. So the way the process worked was that the audience was asked (first the folks to the right, then the left and then the middle) to yell out the name of a play that they would like to see.  When they had a couple of names of plays on their board then the entire audience had to vote for the name that they preferred through their app.  It was amazing and The Subway is a Sauna became the name of the play.

6. The same process was recreated for the play’s theme, songs, derivative book, and dance steps.

7. So below are some screenshots of this process:

Here’s what I saw when the majority of the audience app voted to name the musical The Subway is a Sauna!



Then we then had to vote on 3 songs named by the audience to be part of the play and here is what showed up on the app to be voted on.

Now here are the notes that were suggested as the possible theme.  FBCD won as you can see in the image below this one.



Well after all these elements were chosen these 5 very talented actors

created a totally song and dance improvisational play around all the choices that were App voted on and they were fantabulous.

So I can’t recommend Blank! The Musical enough.  It’s really a theatrical treat where great talent is taken straight to the wall and come out magnificently!!

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