Deninos on MacDougal Street

Yesterday, I met a group of folks for lunch and to see the Movie Gloria Bell which was playing at The Angelika Theater.  So we decided to eat at a restaurant Deninos which was located at 93 MacDougal Street located not far from the theater and Washington Square Park.

Denino’s Pizzeria is a landmark in New York and has award winning status for it’s pizza.  They originally opened in 1937 as a full tavern on Richmond Avenue in Staten Island and has been renowned for its pizza and Italian dinner platters which are always prepared fresh daily.  Everything is made from scratch, never frozen and cooked to order.

80 years in business 🙂 -Good enough for me to try…

Here’s the outside…

And here is the inside…


So what did I decide to order?

Well, I wasn’t that hungry and I wanted to keep it simple so I ordered a Chicken Panini. That had chicken, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

And oh my goodness, look at the size of this portion…

Here’s the inside-Yum-perfect lunch for me before a movie…

But-there was no way that I could eat both so I took one homeLol and ate it for dinner as well!

So if you’re near East Houston or Washington Square Park and want Italian I recommend Deninos.  It’s both fair priced and the food is good 🙂

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