Jackie Kennedy Made Amalfi Coast Restaurant Famous

While vacationing in Italy, I spent 3 days in Positano.  On one of those days the group hired a boat to go around the Amalfi Coast and see all the small towns and  to also make a stop in Amalfi.  It was a glorious day and being on the boat was amazing but the absolute best part was when for lunch we had a smaller boat bring us to a restaurant which was located in the ancient sea village of Conca Dei Marini, which was an inlet where the restaurant La Tonnarella was located and where we had lunch.

This restaurant had it’s beginning in the 1960’s where a small apartment used to contain tonnera (a particular net that was used until 1965 to catch tuna in that area) was stored.  At the beginning the restaurant was never really busy but then fame and the boom arrived. In particular it was Jackie Kennedy who used to vacation as a guest of the d/Urso family (who had a villa a few footsteps away from the restaurant)  that really helped put the restaurant on the map.  Today the restaurant is run by the two sons of the owner Umberto Launtano.  Angelo a talented chef and Franco who handles PR.

There is no inside of the restaurant.  Everyone sits outside to eat.

And look at this fantastic Cherry Tomatoes that I saw looking up from my seat.

Then they were put on the table and they were the absolute best Cherry Tomato that I’d ever eaten in my life!!!

And so what did I order?

I decided on a Seafood Salad.

On the plate-right to left and around were Fried Clams, rice and cheese puff balls, grilled zucchini, marinated white fish, marinated herrings and yum-the best of all octopus and and let’s not forget the center where you can see the grilled red peppers.

And now, it was time to take that smaller boat that I mentioned earlier to the rented boat and driver and continue our journey around the coast…

And here is the guy that took us back from the restaurant’s dock to the larger boat.

The whole experience was really fun and kind of surreal.

But I really loved it.

So the next time you’re on the Amalfi Coast check out La Tonnarella.  

Rent a boat for the day and make the restaurant part of the package.

You won’t regret it!!!

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