Gramercy Tavern near Union Square Park

So the other evening a friend of mine took me as a Thank You for something I had helped her out with to The Gramercy Tavern which is located at 42 E. 20th Street off Park Avenue South.

I had passed the restaurant many times but had never eaten there so I was really looking forward to the experience.  When I googled the restaurant I read that it opened in 1994 by restaurateur Danny Meyer in a historic landmark building and had earned more than 9 James Beard Awards including “Outstanding Restaurant” and “Outstanding Chef in America” which completely does not surprise me after one of the best dining experiences and food in my life.

So here is the bar area where you can also eat but we didn’t.

And here is the dining room area where we ate.

So there were two ways that you could order in the dining room.  The first was a three course meal (which we each chose) and then there was a 6 course meal which the very thought of made the scale tipSoLol.

So here is a copy of the menu and the choices from the three course meal.

Here are the choices individually which are easier to read.

Actually, the desserts read better in the original.



So what did I decide on?

Well, even before I made that decision the bread came out with a small dish of potato custard and spiced cashew which was sublime.

Then the first course I ordered was The Beet & Pea Shoot Salad and that came with Green Garlic dressing (which was Amazing and had on the side) and Feta Cheese and Sesame Peanuts. Sublime

For the second course I ordered Chicken Breast & Thigh with mushrooms, arrowhead spinach and Nettles.  Sublime

And then just as I was waiting for dessert which I choose to be Carmalized Cheesecake with Shortbread, Spruce and Cherry Sorbet they brought out the following “additional” dish

which was Cherry Sorbet with Lime Ice Chips.  Very Sublime.

Then came Course #3-The Cheesecake (OK. True confessions-took it home for breakfast 🙂 )

But as if that wasn’t enough—then they brought out this candy.

On the left was 2 pieces of Strawberry Pistachio Bon Bons and to the right were 2 pieces of Lavender Bon Bons.  Tasted a little of each type.  Sublime

And as if that weren’t enough this piece of cake was placed in front of me to take home.

Yes, I’m not going to talk about price 🙂 except to say that Gratuities were included 🙂

All I can say is that if you ever want to really treat yourself to a spectacular meal where each dish is consistently unique, fresh and sublime, then make a reservation at Gramercy Tavern and ask for a table in the back room.

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