Central Park South’s Marea Restaurant

You guessed it 🙂 ! Time to meet a friend this week to enjoy another outdoor dining experience.

This time we met at 240 Central Park South at a restaurant named Marea. Marea is a high-end Italian Seafood and homemade pasta restaurant whose chef is Michael White.

So it was another I must have a dessert night so as an appetite I ordered Grilled Octopus with smoked potatoes, pickled red onions, chile and tonnato.

And with that came a lovely roll and olive oil.

It was all soo good but then came one of the best desserts that I’ve ever had.

Now in general, I’m not a tiramisu fan but the waiter said that it was amazing so I said, “Sure, I’ll try it!”

Well, it was beyond amazing,

It was as you see a square and inside it had expresso soaked ladyfingers, mascapone mousse and cocoa.

It was beyond divine! It was Amazing!

So I completely recommend dining at Marea. It won’t disappoint!

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