The Leopard at Des Artistes

The other evening my girlfriend and I decided to celebrate just for the sake of celebrating and went to The Leopard at Des Artistes which is located at 1 West 67th Street which is right off Central Park West.

It’s a really classy restaurant, yes pricey but truthfully I really enjoyed the low key, old world ambience with all it’s interesting part beautifully hung on all the walls for the patrons to enjoy!

Here are some images of the bar area, the dining area and some of the art.

Now Leopard at Des Artistes is an Italian culinary delight. It distinguishes it’s food from North to South of Italy, such as with the use of fats (think butter versus olive oil, and all kinds of pastas and popular vegetable native to that region. The restaurant prides itself in creating every day food done with respect to the Italian cultural traditions done with quality ingredients, hospitality and definitely outstanding service. As they like to say, “Buon Appetito!

So what did I decide to order?

Well, I wasn’t that hungry so I decided to go light and ordered Merluzzo Al Fomo which is oven baked cod but I opted out the artichokes and white wine sauce (I just wanted it as clean as possible) but I added a side of Roasted potatoes to it and it was great!

So if you’re in The Lincoln Center area check out The Leopard at Des Artistes. It was a lovely dining experience.

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