Elegant New York City Chinese Cuisine

Another freezing night in New York City but I decided to brave the cold and met a friend at Hutong New York. Hutong New York from its home in Hong Kong brings to Manhattan a contemporary and occasionally fiery Northern Chinese cuisine, in addition to a large selection of dim sum and cocktails. Hutong is located at 731 Lexington Avenue in Beacon Court off 58th Street. The Hutong dress code is elegant casual and uptown chic and all of this takes place in an Art Deco style restaurant inspired by the glamour of 1920’s New York and Shanghai!

Here’s the front of the restaurant and then you’ll see what I mean.

Here is the art deco bar area and one of the eating areas.

So my friend and I decided to share dishes. We started off with 2 and then after eating those we ordered a third dish to share.

So we started out with Vegetarian Spring Rolls and Scallop and Prawn Garlic Wontons.

Oh my goodness!

The tastes and combinations and preparation were so sublime that it felt like no other Chinese food experience that I’ve ever had and I’ve beenLol to China!

Then my friend and I decided to order and share The Dim Sum Platter.

That included Lobster Squid-Ink Dumplings, Pickled Chilli Cod Dumplings, Rose Champagne Dumplings and Rose Vegetarian Spinach Dumplings.

Again each Dim Sum was individually sublime with it’s own story of flavors and textures all wrapped up in it’s own delightful visual presentation.

So if you’re in the Midtown area and want to treat yourself to an elegant Chinese restaurant with over the top Chinese food then definitely check out Hutong New York.

It’s worth the experience and I will definitely go back!

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