Boteco Brings Brazil to Miami

On this trip to Miami I was keen on trying completely different restaurant experiences and lucky for me I found Boteco. Boteco is located at 916 North 79th Street and having never been to Brazil I was excited to try it!

What I found out from the owner is that in Brazil, a “boteco” is a low-key, stress-free bar where you can enjoy a cold beer and cocktails. Well, that’s exactly what Boteco Miami is for the Brazilian community in South Florida! It’s really that welcoming bar just around the corner which as been part of the community for over 10 years offering the best in Brazilian food, drinks and culture!

Brazilians gather at Boteco for samba nights, futebol (aka soccer) matches and for their famous feijoada, a traditional dish made of beans, meats and accompaniments like farofa, sausage, fried bananas and collard greens. Feijoada is served buffet-style on weekends, with five different varieties of the dish to choose from. The sides include pork and beef loin, sausages, bacon bits, fried bananas and farofa coupled with salads and desserts as well!

So here is the outside of this fun, fun restaurant.

The Outside of Boteco.

Here is the inside and bar area.

Boteco’s Bar area.
Boteco’s Outdoor Dining Area.

Boteco’s Inside Dining Area.

So what did I decide to order?

I checked out Boteco’s menu…

Boteco’s Menu

And I decided to have the Frango Grilled Chicken.

Frango Grilled Chicken

I enjoyed the dish even though I found it a little salty but all in all the food was fresh and blended well.

So if you’re in Miami and want a Brazilian dining experience (and buy the way there’s Brazilian music Friday, Saturday and Sunday with Salsa Dancing! then I completely recommend this fun place.

Bye from Brazil 🙂 for now!

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