Washington DC Weekend-Shot Down by Snow!

My cousin and I decided to attend the 2014 Aipac Conference in Washington DC from March 2nd to March 4th and then spend another day or two sightseeing.  The mission of Aipac (www.aipac.org) is to strengthen, protect, and promote the United States-Israel relationship in ways that will enhance the security of both of these great countries.

So on Saturday, March 1st, we took the Bolt Bus (www.boltbus.com) to Washington.  The bus left from 33rd between 11th and 12th and only cost blank us $18.00 for each seat one way!

The ride was very smooth, no traffic and a bonus of having sockets behind each seat so that you can charge your phone or laptop and stay connected.  How cool is that!

So, we got to Washington about 4:00 and took a taxi to our hotel.  We stayed at The University Club DC (www.universityclubdc.com) which I totally recommend and which is more like a club than a hotel and the staff is really great!

So below is what greeted us in front of the hotel!


So I knewSoLOL that I was in Washington!

That evening, we decided to go to the Convention Center and check things out and it wasn’t that crowded even though they expected 15,000 guests the very next day.

So we would up going downstairs to The Aipac Village as shown in the photo below and then had a fun photo taken in a booth they had set up.


photo_2014-03-01_18-44-27_template - Copy

After that we just walked around 7th Street, checked out some of the shops and then decided to dinner at a restaurant called Nando’s (http://www.nandosperiperi.com) and it was a fun kind of self-serve interesting choice of chicken and dessert dish menu.  Then we cabbed it back to the hotel and we got ready to turn in.

The next day, the 2nd, we attended the conference which was awesome and listened and learned about a huge amount of foreign policy and concerns, not only that had to do with the state of Israel but that had to do with many additional pressing foreign concerns as well.

Below you’ll find two photos at the Convention Center and it was really an awesome experience.



At the end of the conferences my cousin and I were exhausted and decided to cab it back to the hotel and have dinner locally which we did.  But we also decided to change our Amtrack ticket back.  On the way out of the Center I received an email that my original ticket was cancelled because of the oncoming snow storm and I guess that I just didn’t want to get stuck without a ticket or hotel room and so we decided to return to New York on Tuesday afternoon and not finish our previously planned stay.

I was glad that we did because the next morning, the snow was coming down, all Federal building had been closed and most work places were closed down as well.


So this was Washington, Monday morning and I was glad that I was glad as they say that I was heading out of Dodge!

I can’t say that I’m not disappointed that I didn’t get to stay the whole conference and sight see a bit but I decided that I would return to Washington one day and that it was an ok thing to get back to New York earlier than I had originally planned.

So cut down by the snow on this trip—as Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “I’ll be back!”



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