Food at the Friars

The other evening I was invited to The Friars Club which is located at 57 E. 55th Street, New York, NY. Now The Friars Club is a private membership-only club which founded in 1904 and is now famous for its risque celebrity roasts with its club’s members basically made up of comedians and other well-known celebrities.

IMG_3393I was invited there to attend a fundraiser for The Chabad Preschool at Beekman Place (

Well, as I walked up their winding staircase to get to the 2nd floor, OMG I saw the most amazing display of cateried food.

So below are some photos which greeted me…





So what did I finally choose to eat!

LOL.  Being that dessert girl, I went easy on the food, had 2 small chicken patties, a spinach hors d’oeuvre, some tomatoes and black beans, a few taco chips and a little of the spinach topped bread and the tomato and olive topped bread. Yum!


But for dessert…


Yes, I tried a bite of all five of these and flipped for small container of the green pistachio mouse.  OMG, it was SOO GOOD!!! that I went back and got two more!!!

So as you can see from my photosLOL, I really enjoyed my time at The Friars Club and I also enjoyed learning about the very good work and education happening at The Chabad Preschool at Beekman Place. Check it out if you know someone that has a preschool child.  I was very impressed!!!


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