Dinner with a Monk

Over two years ago I was at an event where this guy stood up and spoke about the company that he and his wife started.  He shared that after traveling the world with his wife he wanted to provide the people of New York City with the choice to have a unique selection of interesting, educational and fun New York City experiences and as a result started a company called Sidetour.

I remember thinking to myself while he was speaking, “Hmm, Sora, this sounds interesting, I think I’ll sign up!”

So the next day I signed up with Sidetour (www.sidetour.com/nyc) and at the time the only event that I felt drawn to was to have Dinner with a Monk.  So I tried to register for the event but it always closed out before I could get in.

I eventually found myself frustrated, put myself on the waiting list, pretty much forgot about it and the other week I got an email telling me that there was an open space.

Well, yeah! I signed up immediately and the evening did not disappoint.

Our wonderful host was Rasanath Dasa.


Rasanath, a disciple of the well-known spiritual leader Radhanath Swami in the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition has an engineering degree from The Indian School of Technology (ITT) and an MBA from Cornell University.

The story he shared was that after a number of years on Wall Street, he asked himself why he was working there and decided to leave Wall Street and set his life’s intention to be to find out who he was.

Now, fast forward a bit-Rasanath was speaking at a TexX Conference and the owner of SideTour was in the audience and invited Rasanath to participate in his company as an experience for those New Yorkers that wanted to learn more about Rasanath’s amazing journey.

Now, all I can say is that Rasanath is an amazing person.  He’s so articulate in matters of spirituality and we had a free flowing discussion (there were two other guest besides myself) about life, love, fear, intimacy and also courage!

And let’s not forget about dinner.


Dinner was white rice with sweet and sour vegetables prepared and cooked in Tamrind sauce.

It was the perfect meal for a perfect New York evening for Dinner with a Monk.

So if you’d like to find out more about Rasanath and all the other interesting New York City experiences that are now available for you to have then go to www.sidetour.com/nyc and learn more about them.





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