Fashion Apps Rock Your Fashionista!

The other day I came across an event that was highlighting those in the fashion industry who have joined with technology and have created some very new and exciting Fashion Apps that are now available on your favorite mobile, tablet or ipad.

I wanted to share them with my New York Point of View readers because I thought that since there’s no getting away fromSoLOL the role of technology in our lives why not share what some clever individuals have created to help you rock your daily fashionista.

So here they are!

The first one is at Style Up at


Style Up is a very cool fashion centered app that sends you daily outfit and shopping recommendations based on your taste and the weather.

The next one that I came across was What Goes with This?


670px-Ask-a-Question-Intelligently-Step-1-Version-2At this Fashion App you can always ask a fashionista friend (obviously in a virtual chatLOL!) what to wear with what when you simply can’t make up your mind???

Then there is M.M. LaFleur


This Fashion App is really interesting.  It’s a whole new way of home shopping and takes HOME SHOPPING to a whole new level!

And last but not least there is Abbey Post

Abbey Post lets you select the dress from their grouping that you really love and then measure yourself through their FREE Welcome Kit (very cool!), select the color that you want your dress to be and then you’re good to go!

So hope that these Fashion Apps give you some ideas and inspire you to try something new that rocks your daily wardrobe!

Happy Fashion Apping: Sora





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