Passover or Easter Candy?-Choose Dylan’s!

Yesterday, I found myself on an uptown bus and as I approached 60th Street and Third Avenue (the stop I had planned to get off…) I saw Dylan’s Candy Bar and thought  “OMG, there is no way that I won’t check out this store before I get to where I was originally headed to!”



So when I got off the bus, I headed straight to their front door!SoLOL



And what a site.  I was like in candy heaven.SoLOL!

So I didn’t have that much time and so I immediately checked out their Passover and Easter displays and they both were amazing! 

Whatever your preference was there it was!


So now I’m going to leave it up to you to check out the photos and decide what you would have bought!

You can also shop online(they make it way too easy!) and there site is













Impressive right! And there’s much more from where that comes from…

So have fun whatever you decide to buy…





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