Back End of a Photo Shoot-Ooh La La!

OK.  The fun has begun.  I have a completely new appreciation of what it takes to create a photo shoot!

A photo shoot in this case where a theme is chosen by a photographer (who’s contracted these projected images to 3 magazines) who then hires a stylist to help him create his aesthetic vision, along with a make-up artist and a hair stylist.

So in this blog post, the photographer who’s contracted his images to  these three magazines is Yann Feron of

He then hired stylist Robin Laks of and her assistant Jimmy plus Vitaly of  to do the model’s make-up and hair.

Now the theme of his photo shoot which all of these assistants helped him to put together was a provocative blend of what a woman might wear during the day and then what kind of lingerie that she might wear at night.

The model, Brittany Chandler of Major Model Management would be photographed wearing potential daytime outfits and then separately photographed wearing potential lingerie outfits by Clo Intimo.

Then Yann, our photographer would merge these two separate types of photos into one finished image (that which he is contracted to the magazines for) to show both sides of a woman.

It’s all good!

So since I don’t have access to any finished contracted photos(at least not yetLOL) here are some back end photo shoot images to let you see what it take to works towards those final contracted images…









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