Zimbabwe Sculpture/A Tradition in Stone

So as I mentioned in the Culture Tab in the article Roswell, George-Alive After 5 I recently found myself in Atlanta visiting family.

So it was at The Hartsfield-Jackson/Atlanta International Airport that I saw these AMAZING African sculptures.

Here is what the row of them looked like.


I was really taken away by their presence and by the breath of emotion that each of them made me feel.

At that moment I knew that I wanted to share this amazing Zimbabwe sculpture and so here are a few pieces.

Caring Mother-Lamek Bonjisi

Caring Mother-Lamek Bonjisi

Water Spirit-Nicholas Mukomberuanwa

Water Spirit-Nicholas Mukomberuanwa

Protected Family-Joe Mutasa

Protected Family-Joe Mutasa


Galactic Dancer-

Galactic Dancer-

So if you find yourself at The Atlanta Airport it would definitely be worth your while to check out this permanent exhibition of Zimbabwean sculpture which is located in The Transportation Mall between the moving sidewalks along the pedestrian corridor that connects Concourse T and A.

Happy airport arting…

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