An Evening with Halston


The other evening I attended a fun and informative evening with author Lesley Frowick and her new book Halston: Inventing American Fashion. Ms. Frowick is one of Halston’s six nieces and is the photographer and the co-curator of Halston and Warhol: Silver and Sueded at the Warhol Museum found in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Now the event was held at The National Arts Club ( and drew a standing only crowd!

The book, which was on sale after the program had a wonderful forward written by Liza Minnelli and was really beautiful…

Now in addition to Lesley’s wonderful slideshow about her uncle and his devotion to his craft and to his family the eveing also included a one night only installation of Halston’s creations which stood as a salute to the golden age of Studio 54.

And let’s not forget those Hustle dancing lessons at the end of this program!

A fun time was had by all!




And let's not forget those Hustle lessons!

And let’s not forget those Hustle lessons!


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