Into the Woods: Who Would You Be?

The National Arts Club was turned into a magical forest courtesy of Sylan Decor as done by Sarah Sparkles and Steven Grise. Sarah Sparkles has been a window dresser at Bergdorf-Goodman for almost a decade and Steven Grise is a production designer, multi-media and installation artist whose work has been premiered in The New York Times, at The Sundance Film Festival and at BAM.

The Milliner’s Guild also set up a one-night-only gallery installation of headgear and is an organization of millinery small business owners, milliners and millinery students who specialize in the design, production and promotion of handmade headwear.  And also let’s not forget the enchanted forest tunes as played by NAC’s own Erik Rydju!

But it’s time to check out some of the most original head gear and costumes as worn in NAC’s Magical Forest-so let’s take a peek-so to speak…








And so if one evening if you found yourself in an enchanted forest—Who would you be???

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