Women’s Travel Fest 2018

Last Saturday I attended the 2018 Women’s Travel Fest.  I had to leave at the lunch break but the morning session was amazing and extremely inspiring.

The first session was led by Stephanie Zito who explained to great detail how to fly for free and  travel hack by knowing which credit card to use to gather points.  The woman is an Expert and you can check out her expertise at www.wanderingforgood.com.

The second group of speakers spoke about Sexism in Travel.  That panel had Kae Lani, Nikki Vargas, Lilit Marcus and was lead by Kelly Lewis. Of course, the #MeToo Movement was included in this conversation and each woman shared her personal experiences of Sexism in the Travel Industry and it was very eye opening and poignant at the same time.

The last speaker before the lunch break was Amanda Lindhout and her session was called Freedom in Forgiveness.  Amanda had written a book called A House in the Sky and there wasn’t a sound in the room or a dry eye as she shared how in 2008 she had traveled to Somalia to cover the war, was kidnapped and what happened during her captivity while her kidnappers waited to receive a ransom payment from her family who had very little money.  Needless, to say Amanda received a standing ovation at the end of her presentation and I was very, very, very personally moved by the strength and the courage that she possessed to get through this unspeakable ordeal.

After Amanda’s session there was a break for lunch and I needed to leave but here are some of the Exhibitors who displayed at the Fest.

First I spoke to two gals who represented www.takeflyte.org.  This foundation, The Foundation for Travel and Youth Travel Education is a non-profit organization that empowers students living in under served communities through transformative travel experiences. What an awesome idea!


Then I spoke to a gal who was launching an App to match up women traveler’s so that they had the easier choice not to travel solo if they didn’t want to.  Check out www.lionesstravel.com.  The App is in Beta now and will soon be available.i



Then it was interesting to learn about Purposeful Nomad which is revolutionizing Women’s Travel by encouraging true adventure through community engagement and soul renewal.

And don’t you think that I finally found a fanny pack that I would feel comfortable traveling with at the Choup Display. The company is located in New Orleans but the quality of their bags is evident and I bought myself the black fanny pack in the photo.  www.choupindustries.com

So it was a very fun and informative morning and I’m glad that I attended.  Happy Travelling!!!

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