Franchia-A Vegan Cafe

The other day I met a friend for lunch at Franchia which is a Vegan Cafe which is located at 12 Park Avenue between 34th Street and 35th Street.


Franchia is a multi level space with a mix of modern simplicity and traditional Korean decor set off by heavy dark wood grating.

Here are some photos of the inside…

So since it was lunchtime and I wasn’t familiar with either Vegan or Korean Food I chose what my friend choose which was  Franchia’s Vegan Lunch Box.  Below is a photo of the way that it was presented.

So in the bottom left you have Soy Chicken Satay

I’m not a Vegan so it was ok. I think that I just wasn’t used to the taste.

In the bottom middle is the salad with Mango dressing. Not bad.

Then on the bottom right  was the Soy Dumpling Steamed.  It was Ok but not my favorite.

So on the top left was the entree (the above dishes were called appetizers) which was Spicy Vegan Meat Balls and Soy Chicken in Garlic Sauce.   I enjoyed this dish.  I asked them to make it “low” spicy 🙂 and it was all good.

And to the right-I ordered brown rice which was fine and went well with the Spicy Vegan Meatballs and the Soy Chicken in Garlic Sauce.

So I wasn’t a Vegan when I entered the restaurant and I’m still not a Vegan 🙂

But it was a delightful new food experience and good for some afternoon Zen



So if you are a Vegan then check out Franchia Vegan Cafe

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