Supporting Local Business

I’m a big believer during this Covaid time that we in the community need to support local small businesses.  Rents are off the chart and we all need help in different ways from time to time.  So I was working in my apartment and decided that I needed something “different” than I’d usually have for lunch.  It just so happens that the day before when I passed this Dim Sum Restaurant a woman stopped and said to me, “You should try this place.  It just opened and the food is really good.”  So that’s what I decided to do for lunch.  That is check out Awesum Dimsum at 160 E. 23rd Street between Third Avenue and Lexington Avenue.

So here is what the inside of the place looked like.  I so loved it’s minimal decor.


And so what I finally decided to order was the #6 Special Chicken Siu Mai

which was chicken, chicken cartilage(which was very soft) and mushrooms.  It came with Chile Sauce but that was a bit too hot for me so I opted to have it with Soy Sauce.

In addition, I ordered #15 Steamed Vegetarian Rice Noodle.

which had in it carrots, water chestnuts, enoki, mushroom, black agaric, and bamboo shoots.

I really enjoyed the Chicken Dim Sum but I didn’t really like the mushy texture of the steamed noodle and so I wouldn’t order that again.

But the guy in the restaurant was sooo nice.  I think he realized that I was new to Dim Sum and he said to me, “Have you ever tried a White Custard Bun?” and I said, “No.”

So he gave me one to try…

Oh my goodness, it was sooo good and the custard in side was sooo sweet that I would definitely go back (sooner than later 🙂 ) to have another.

So if you’re in the 23rd Street area on the East Side check out Awesum Dimsum.  It’s a fun experience with really good food.

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