Dinner in a Mongolian Yurt

So a friend of mine told me that she had this app called Resy and that Shy Village which is located at 70 Pine Street had 8 Yurts that we could have dinner in. That there were two sittings, one at 5 and one at 7 and we opted for the one at 5. I will admit that it was a prix fixed dinner and it was pricey but at this point with so nothing to do in the city, the idea of visiting Mongolia via dinner in a yurt was a really exciting idea.

So here it is from the outside.

Here it is from the inside.

Lol. The first image shows the heater located in the center of the Yurt. The second image shows my friend and I in the inside of the yurt.

So what did the prix fixed dinner look like.

First we started with matsutake mushroom tea with a hint of tarragon oil.

It was really fabulous. Wow. Really good!

Then we had three appetizers that we shared.

We were served a Chickpea Tagine, Winter Squash, Olives and Preserved Onions.

It was really good!

Then at the same time they served a salad of Chicories, Persimmon, Taleggio and Pistachios, a Scallop Crudo with Citrus and Radish, and last but not least Sunchokes, Hazelnut, and Cheddar Cheese.

Then for the main dish which we had preordered we had Black Sea Bass with Saffron rice and pine nuts and that came with a side of Fried Squash Rings.

As if all of that weren’t enough/and delicious enough, here’s -Yeah- comes dessert.

Dessert was a Lemon ad Lime/Keylime Tart with a dollop of meringue and a side of Pistachio Ice Cream on a Yogurt base with sprinkling of pistachio. Oh my goodness, both the tart and the ice-cream were divine.

OK. This was a feast and the food was divine. So if you feel like treating yourself download Resy from the Play Store and put your Amex card on it and take a local — trip to Mongolia via Pine Street.

You won’t regret it!!

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