Lunch in a Mongolian Yurt

So the same friend that I went down to Pine Street with, contacted me and said that we could eat lunch in a yurt down on West 4th Street at the Fairfox. I said “What the heck” and found myself on the train headed for downtown.

I took the 1 to Christopher Street, walked 2 blocks and there I was right in front of the yurt where I was about to have lunch.

Here is the great restaurant manager chatting with us…

Again, it was a prix fixed menu but I was game.

So we started with smoked trout with crackers, a fabulous baby kale with apples, walnuts and ricotta cheese salad and crispy artichokes with lemon caper mayo.

Then we both shared gnocchi and a big burger…

And for dessert we had Yum-Olive Oil Cake with a dollop of creme and diced up apples. It was really great!

So I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy lunch in the yurt but the dinner in the yurt at 70 Pine Street though much pricier was for me the more interesting eating experience.

I hopeLol that the next time I eat in a yurt it will be in Mongolia!!!

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