Harvest on Hudson

I took the Metro North to Hastings-on- Hudson to meet a few friends to eat at a wonderful restaurant called Harvest on Hudson.

Here is some of the scenery as I walked from the train to the Restaurant which is located at 1 River St, Hastings-on-Hudson.

Here’s the front of the restaurant.

Here is the inside of the restaurant.

And here’s my view because we ate on the outdoor patio with fabulous weather 🙂

So what did I order? I decided to have the prixe fixed brunch.

I ordered a Caesar Salad with Chicken with a basket of breads, muffins and jams. It was really good and very satisfying.

But as part of the brunch I was also able to order Waffles, with toasted pecans, fresh strawberries and blueberries, maple syrup and Mascarpone. So having this sweet food really topped the brunch with a cup of great black coffee.

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